Freebies of the week

This week at Rite Aid, I saw a bunch of stuff on clearance (yellow stickers that read "clearance"), mostly beauty or personal care related. I bought Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Natural Shine in Sugar Plum $.57+tax since they were on sale for $1.57 and I had a coupon I found on the new Sally Hansen items display for $1 off lip products.

My Review: The smell is VERY strong of something sweet like cotton candy. The applicator is a brush which I normally like, but I always have trouble with Sally Hansens lipgloss brushes. They don't go in well into the opening, causing the bristles on the side of the brush to get pushed out and up. The color is a bright fuscia with more of a purple tone to it. Good color payoff since the gloss is thick. The gloss has no glitter particles (such  a positive for me) and is sort of sticky because it's so thick.  Click for Makeupallys review.

I also bought a back up of Sunsilks Waves of Envy Sea Mist. I love this stuff and it was on clearance for $2.27. I had a coupon for $1 off from a couple weeks back I got on Redplum I believe so it came out to $1.27. This stuff is so great. It's one of the only drugstore brand hairsprays that give wave to your hair. I pretty much HATE stick straight hair on myself since I don't have a lot of body and it sits very flat and volumeless. The product is compared to Bumble and Bumbles Surf Spray which I've tried and liked, but is over $20 and works almost at the same level as Sunsilks product.

My Review: It smells strong of a certain flowery scent which may bother some of you. You shake the bottle since there is an oily separation on the top. I figured out that the best way to use the mist is to towel dry your hair after washing it and then spraying the product all over the hair, more at the bottom. Then twist your hair and put it into a bun. Leave it that way for a while or blow dry the bun if you're pressed on time. Put down your hair and spray one more time and voila! Sexy, wavy, just came back from laying at the beach, hair! 
Makeupalley has some great reviews on it as well. Hope you guys find it at your Rite Aid since they seem to be discontinued. I can't find it anywhere.

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