I'm all about simplicity. Especially when it comes to cosmetics. I detest having to carry a lipstick that bleeds on the lips, leading me to carry a lipliner and then a gloss since the darn stick doesn't shine. Even more now because I don't carry a purse around. I hate having to carry crap and to have to worry about a bag. When I used to carry a bag, I DEPENDED on it on it so I'd just start stuffing it with things I didn't need like socks and nailpolishes in like 5 colors. Yea like I was going to paint my toes, while driving, on the way to work out. It'd get so big that Mary Poppins would be ashamed. Clothing with pockets is a must, or I resort to sticking stuff into my boots or bra.

I'm always on the go and since I don't carry a mirror, I check my reflection to see if anything's out of place. This is why I say that the PERFECT lip-stain/stick/gloss/tint is a MUST.

The lipstick I used to ALWAYS carry around was "B-list" (creamy, matte, peachy nude) by Lancome until it got discontinued, then I went through 3 tubes of "Almost Nude" (creamy, matte, dark peachy nude) by Revlon which is also discontinued. Now, I think this is the culprit for my under lip acne so here I am, trying to find a lipstick for myself.

So if someone can find me a perfect peachy lipstick that isn't too dark for my VERY luminating light skin, please let me know. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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